Sensor calibration is usually performed only on one error signal although calibration sessions often collect repeated samples. This work formally puts forward and studies adequate solutions to consider all replicates to improve predictive accuracy.

This study highlights how a highly-promoted predictive-score for admitting patients to intensive care is not applicable in Belgium where other predictive models are more appropriate

Using a negative binomial hurdle model we provide evidence supporting the promotion of Community-Led Total Sanitation and Water Coverage to curb the presence of cholera

This work puts forward an approach to test causal links between irregularly sampled signals with applications to nitrogen signalling between roots and shoots of plants

In this work we put forward a computationally efficient statistical procedure to estimate a wide range of time series models in a robust manner thereby reducing the influence of data contamination on estimation and inference.

An easy-to-read article highlighting the need and availability of solutions allowing the DoD to share more unclassified data with low disclosure risk

Low-cost inertial sensors are increasingly being used jointly in order to improve their navigation performance and this work provides a computationally feasible solution to solve these complex problems